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domingo, 19 de octubre de 2008

Entrevista previa a los MTV Latinos, 16.10.08, México.

Exclusive Entrevista: TOKIO HOTEL

What artists are you looking forward to spotting at Los Premios?

Bill: Oh, we are really looking forward for the whole event. Being there, seeing all the artists – I bet there will be a lot of great performances. Then our own performance and being nominated … It’s really a big thing for us and we’re excited to be there.

How bad do you want to win the coveted Los Premios tongue award?

Tom: Winning an award is always great but for us it’s really exciting just to be nominated. We’ve only been to Mexico once before. So, like Bill said, we are just excited to be there.

Any particular Latin artist you would like to collaborate with?

Tom: Well, there are a couple of great Latin artists and who knows, maybe someday we’ll do a collaboration – but nothing is set yet.

Does anyone in the band know how to speak Spanish?

Bill: [Laughing] I know ‘Hola’ and ‘Gracias’! But no, unfortunately none of us speak Spanish. You guys definitely need to teach us some when we come.

Tom: [Smiling] Yes, I really need some great lines for the beautiful girls over there …

As German musicians, do you ever feel like your English tracks get lost in translation?

Bill: Our lyrics are really important to us and we really want everybody to understand them. So that was the reason why we as band decided to do an English album. We chose our favorite songs from the first and second German album and did a one-to-one translation. [Laughing] We got some help on that, cause obviously our English isn’t too good. But the most important thing to us was that none of the meaning of each song got lost. That’s why we decided on a one-to-one-translation.

What can fans expect from the band for the rest of 2008?

Bill: We will be busy with working “Scream” the album for the rest of the year. After Los Premios, we’ll go over to the States and play a couple of shows and promote the album. In November we will be at the European Music Awards and I think we’ll be busy until Christmas. Besides that we take every chance to go into the studio to work on our third German Album. So, there’s lot left to do for us till the rest of 2008.

We are glad they are sharing the love! They forgot to mention the unveiling of Bill’s figure at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Germany. Fans all over el mundo are melting for a touch of our flaco! ¿Quieres más Tokio Hotel? Keep it locked for Los Premios TONIGHT at 9pm on MTV Tr3s!

Intentaremos pasaros la traducción en español lo antes posible..

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