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domingo, 14 de diciembre de 2008

Tokio Hotel emerge con gran fuerza en 2008, en "Time of the internet.com"

En una web de Internet se ha publicado hace unos días un artículo algo particular sobre la banda, por un lado se le reconoce la fuerza y el auge que ha tenido en el 2008, especialmente haciendo hincapié en el fenómeno Fan que acompaña al grupo a nivel mundial. Por otra parte, también se habla de los críticos que no se ponen de acuerdo respecto a la calidad musical del grupo.

Una de cal y otra de arena, visto así ... Habría que preguntarse si quien ha escrito el artículo se ha informado objetivamente sobre el grupo y su música o simplemente se ha dedicado a recoger opiniones de cierto tipo de fans..

El artículo ha sido escrito en inglés:

Tokio Hotel Emerges As Big Force In 2008

Tokio Hotel is a German band that now rules the world. Tokio hotel consists of identical twin brothers Bill Kaulitz and Tom Kaulitz, as well as Georg Listing and Gustav Schäfer.

The band has developed one of the most loyal fan bases around, which continues to grow, confounding some critics. The group is fronted by lead singer Bill Kaulitz, who has achieved heartthrob status, despite his feminine look. One thing is certain about Tokio Hotel, they don't follow the crowd, but instead do their best to create new trends.

Their unique sound has attracted the attention of many music fans, who are upset by just how generic most modern music has become. Since 2007, when the band released their album Scream excusively in English, their influence has increased rapidly. Some newfound fans of theirs even learned German in order to go back and appreciate their earlier efforts.

"The first time I’ve listened to tokio hotel I felt in love for their music. I love them very much I didn’t think that their music affects me that much, I like every one because they are different: many styles meet in that band but my favorite one is Tom, I can risk everything for meeting him.You know, I began to study and learn German especially for them to understand their lyrics." wrote an enthused fan online".

Nowhere is the evidence of their huge popularity more visible than it is on YouTube. The band's videos have received millions of views, as well as high ratings, and positive comments.

Female fans of the band all love Bill Kaulitz. Kaulitz himself has said he hopes to fall in love one day.

"Yes! I would really like to fall in love again. This feeling is really super-nice - and it would be terrific when I could have this feeling again," said Kaulitz. "But I`m totally not unhappy at all. I had so much luck in the last years, and it has also advantages being single. You can talk with people free, you don`t have to justify – and there exists no jealousy."

Despite not having found a significant other for life, Kaulitz has said he's happy that the band is popular with so many people worldwide.

"What the fans give us, is at any rate very, very nice. It`s really a good feeling, that they exist. To think about them, helps me often a lot."

The band is catching on with a wide group of people now, including critics. They won their first MTV Video Music Award this year in September for Best New Artist.

Despite the fact Kaulitz is known for writing chilly lines like "The night has lost me. The world turns to ice. A cold wind. The sun is frozen", he seems to warm up the hearts of his fans, who identify with his occassionally dark moods. Bill doesn't let the ladies on the road warm him up, either. "I'm just not the type to take a girl to my room for one night," he has stated.

For now Bill Kaulitz will continue to write about his emotional pain, gaining fans and admirers everywhere as he does.

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