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miércoles, 28 de enero de 2009

Tokio Hotel en VIVA TV, revisión del 2008..

Como la mayoría sabíes bien, VIVA TV es una cadena alemana en la que todo lo relacionado con la música un importante papel. A finales del 2008 hizo un resumen de las noticias más importantes que se habían dado ese año, y la grata sorpresa para las fans de ToKio Hotel fue que el grupo fue mencionado en bastantes ocasiones.

Después de algo así, lo que queda claro es lo que ya hemos dicho en otras ocasiones, Tokio Hotel puede gustar o no pero en ningún caso deja indiferente a nadie, ni tan siquiera a sus detractores. Esta banda alemana de rock ha sido, y sigue siendo, en mayor o menor medida embajadores de su país allí dónde van, no solo por la música que hacen si no también por la imágen que exportan, (dejando claro que lo más importante para nosotros es su música).

El tiempo nos dirá lo que el futuro les tiene deparado pero los éxitos conseguidos en su propio país,Alemania, Europa y América..Eso ya es algo cierto y seguro..

What was happening in the VIVA World 2008?
We have the main entertainment news of the year for you together! Political and social Annual Review, there is more than enough - we have times in the VIVA-year archive researched, and most important, funnie stand craziest News of the year from the show world gathered for you. Here you can again month by month review, as Britney from the crash totally exempt, as all around Bill Kaulitz 'vocal cords gezittert, as Mark Medlock headlines in the chord has manufactured, how stars in loveand have hated!

The VIVA Year in Review 2008: Tokio Hotel was mentioned!!

Tokio Hotel are meanwhile busy to conquer America. At their first concert in New York prove to the fans already considered very safe text.

To take care of the future Tokio Hotel. In February they make their real school - via the Internet. Good to know that the boys not onlytheir musical future plan ... After Luxembourg drag Tokio Hotel to live there to perform. The result: Not less than 129 circulatory collapse in young girls during a concert. They are already almost Beatles proportions. Thanks to the work of atotal of about 40 rescue teams but nobody seriously harmed. Great excitement among fans Tokio Hotel: The entire tour must becanceled because singer Bill to the vocal cords must be operated. Should the operation go wrong, could the end for the band mean!

Great excitement among fans Tokio Hotel: The entire tour must be canceledbecause singer Bill to the vocal cords must be operated. Should the operation go wrong, could the end for the band mean! After they always have constantly professionally in Berlin, the Kaulitz brothers Tokyo hotel in April their principal home from Hamburg to Berlin. There is Bill after his vocal cord operation in rehab. At the end of April then complacency: Bill Kaulitz has finally receivedthe go back to singing. That is also sorely needed, because a shorttime later rocking Tokyo hotel has a legendary club in LA!

Tokio Hotel are now taking America for a. At MTV TRL in New York, they causewith "Ready, Set, Go!" Kreisch a similar alarm as in Germany! At the end of May then VIVA COMET in Oberhausen. One of the many memorable moments: Mark Medlock, just as the best newcomer award,Oliver Pocher moderator makes a clear announcement: "... finally listen to with your damned gay jokes!". There is even the Pocher speechless! Dishes of the evening: Tokio hotel. They take four COMET home withtrophies for best live act, best band, best video and the coveted Audience Award. So that they now have a total of 9 COMET Awards - this is a record!

Gratifying for unconventional Tokio Hotel fans: Tom less beautiful for the men's World...

If you have a similar annual incomes have, could it in August of former Bushäuschens parts of the Kaulitz brothers auction on eBay. The fragments of the Tokyo hotel Fanpilgerstätte go there for 500 to 4,000euros over the counter.

Sensational success for Tokyo hotel: you win at the VMAs in Los Angeles, the Awardfor "Best New Artist." For the legendary hip-hop producer Russell Simmons evidence that they are now finally in the U.S. market will beestablished.

More Awards for Tokio Hotel: Not only in COMET and the VMAs admit the fatfrom Magdeburg, now even at the MTV Latin Music Awards in Mexico City. Four trophies bring the boys from South America with!

Tokio Hotel are beginning this month with a success message at the start:drummer Gustav must seem a little driving practice - for a ride through Magdeburg he crashed my BMW with its tram, fortunately without seriousinjury. A few days later, the accident but already forgotten: Tokyohotel rooms at the MTV Europe Music Awards in Liverpool the "headliner"Award from!

Intentaremos hacer la traducción del texto, esperamos que no hayais tenido demasiados problemas para comprender lo más importante..

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