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domingo, 30 de agosto de 2009

Entrevista con RTL antes del concierto de Nokia en Colonia.

Este video fue emitido hace un par de días tras la entrevista que RTL le hizo al grupo antes de su actuación en el acústico de Nokia, en Colonia.

In a new interview before the Nokia concert with RTL in Germany the boys talk about love, Tom admits he had his heart broken, and Gustav says he healed just fine.

TRANSLATION! ( interview)

Bill: I desperately want to fall in love, and I have ever since this whole thing with Tokio Hotel started. It's just really unrealistic with the life we're currently living. Only Georg got really lucky, and I'm a bit jealous of that, I have to say.

Bill: Three of us are still single, only Georg is in love!
Georg: I'm taken, have been for a little over half a year.
Bill: You didn't say.
Georg: Yes.
Tom: Sad, it's extremely sad.
Georg: Well, of course you're jealous of that a bit.
Tom: A whole world crumbled for me, I'd been really in love with Georg.

Gustav: It all healed just fine, everything is okay.

But Gustav wants to continue partying without bodyguards.

Gustav: I am not going to change anything, I will go out on my own.
Bill: Those decisions, we all have to make for ourselves. Tom and I don't do that, for example. I wouldn't go out without a bodyguard.

No bodyguards needed in Cologne. There was only pure Tokio Hotel with no incidents at all.

Lo antesque podamos os pasamos una traducción en español..

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Este grupo poco a poco se esta haciendo con un gran hueco en el mundillo de la música. Un gran trabajo el de este blog en torno a ellos.