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lunes, 7 de junio de 2010

TOKIO HOTEL en Nylon Magazine.

El pasado mes de febrero la revista NYLON publicó un reportaje con fotografías sobre el grupo. Dada la demanda del mismo han vuelto a ponerlo en venta on line.

Os dejamos los enlaces de la web de dicha revista para que podáis descargar las fotos o bien incluso adquirir on line el ejemplar, si así lo deseais.

After months of waiting, they're finally here.

In February, Tokio Hotel appeared on page 115 of NYLON Magazine. The day after it hit stands, our office became a virtual tornado: Emails, phone calls, Twitters, and Facebooks, all begging for more photos of the band.

We promised we'd release them when the time was right, and now, here they are - unseen photos, plus behind-the-scenes footage from their Los Angeles shoot. And we couldn't resist turning Bill Kaulitz into a beautiful Avatar character - you can guess which photo that is!

Thanks for being patient, and enjoy!

Fuente: http://www.nylonmag.com/?section=article&parid=4641

And if you want to see Tokio Hotel in print, you're in luck - our February issue just went back up for sale...

Clickar para acceder a la web dónde poder conseguir un ejemplar del mes de febrero, ahora de vetna "on line":


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