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lunes, 13 de septiembre de 2010

Tokio Hotel, entrevista con Oliver Tanson - Esch, Luxembourg 22.02.2010

Una entrevista que tiene ya algunos meses pero personalmente me parece muy interesante, especialmente por ver lo que opinan los chicos sobre como funciona la industria de la música y los contratos de los artistas con las discográficas.

Bill: We're extremely nervous.
Meaning, we're always extremely nervous and that also doesn't go away. I think it's just part of it.
Of course, one is always nervous when walking on stage and as soon as one stands on it and begins then one relaxes relatively quickly on stage and actually just has fun.
However, one has to say that we're extremely nervous prior to that.

Bill: This time the big difference is that we've got our very own stage with us. Well yes, that's basically what makes the difference. If one uses the local stage, like, the one at the venue, then, of course, it saves [money] when one doesn't have to drive it here and there. And this time we've got our very own stage with us though. Therefore it's all just a bit more elaborate.

Bill: Back in the day when I really still was quite young, like with seven, eight years, I was also standing at Nena concerts and so on, in the rain while I was waiting and so on. Meaning, definitely.

Bill: Especially Tom and I also don't know it any differently, yes? We grew up like that. We've evoked tremendous hatred in elderly people as well when we were still very young. Therefore... It's also one of those things that we enjoyed more than it was bad for us and one also has to say that we wouldn't be where we are now if we hadn't had them, the hater. So, therefore... Actually we're quite grateful for it.

Tom: During the last phase of our album production – which took almost a year – I and Georg, we took, we just took 2 weeks off and, and passed by Jessica Alba's house with a tent and settled down. Nah, she didn't give a concert. She also didn't open the door, erm, so therefore it wasn't much of a success but those are just the little things one happens to do.

Bill: Usually people hate us or they just really like it and so on and there's actually rarely anything in-between and therefore... Well, Tom and I grew up like that. Meaning, also when we weren't making any music. All we had to do was get on the school bus and the same thing was happening on there. So therefore, erm...it's actually a thing that we totally got used to.

Bill: Good question! How can one still earn money being a musician nowadays?! That is...difficult, one has to say.
Tom: We've actually got a similar problem because, erm, of course we're spending so much money for the production on tour as it is so of course we're not earning any real money with such a tour anymore and CDs are also getting less and less all the time.
Bill: So, additionally Georg has to prostitute himself on off days. *laughs* So he's, like, walking the street as well.
Georg: Bill is my best customer, by the way.
Bill: Exactly. *laughs*

Bill: I think it's really just sh*t, especially for, like, newcomer guys. Meaning, to get a record deal that's good and, and to still get your big breakthrough as an artist these days. I think that it's getting harder and harder because people don't invest anything anymore, of course. Well, when I’m looking at our own sh*t record label, then...
Tom: *laughs* Yes, exactly.
Bill: ... [we] can...we know about that.

Bill: Of course we can talk about the last five years especially, so when one has a look at the record industry, then, erm, there are definitely many, many old men sitting in front of their desk crying at the record labels. Meaning, it's proper going downhill. Meaning, it's really been easy to follow [the matter] over the past five years.
Tom: When did one receive Platinum [records] in Germany 10 years ago? That was probably with, like, two million [sold] records or something?
Bill: Probably, yes.
Tom: I think, now Platinum lies at 200,000, right? Or something like that.

Tom: We also made the mistake... What's to say "made the mistake"? I'd probably always do it the same way over and over again. Somehow we've never done some things like, erm, some advertising contracts or something, like, where we were saying "Well, come on. Let's just do it so that, so that we can make some cash somehow." or "Let's just release a Tokio Hotel Lollipop." Or something like that. We really always took care of it somehow [being]... Yes, that we could, like, totally approve of it. And actually we've really focused more on our tours, on our albums and at the same time we actually left everything, everything behind that could be left behind.

Bill: Hey, we're Tokio Hotel and just had an interview with Oliver and it was...
Georg & Tom: Okay... okay...bearable.
Bill: It was super, great, fantastic.

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