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domingo, 17 de octubre de 2010

Bill y Tom Kaulitz entrevistados por Radio FM TU, 13.7, México.

We have promised and now they are on the phone - Tom and Bill!! Hi guys!
Bill & Tom: Hi!

When did you decide to come to Monterrey (Mexico)?
Bill: We had already planned it a long time ago to play a Southamerica-Tour. So we are very happy, that we could finally managed it and that we are able to make it. We are really happy to see our fans and to play an own tour there. We are so pleased, that it worked out.

Now you are a succesful band, but we have to remember that there was a time, when you played only in front of 500 people... now you play in front of thousands.
Bill: I think, this is the special thing for us as a band. We are a band since 10 years and expierenced everything together. And that's the beauty of it, we know both sides. To play in little clubs and being not succesful and the other side. And that makes us proud and we enjoy it, that we are able to go on tour on a different continent, unbelievable.

It must be very special for you guys, to play at exotic venues. Tell me, how was it like to play in front of more than 500.000 people at the Eiffel-Tower?
Bill: That was the most exciting point in our carrier. I guess that had been the most amount of people I ever saw. It was an incredible moment for us as a band. The scenery in front of the Eiffel-Tower. It was unique... a moment, that we as a band will always remember.

Tell me, where do you want to play and have never been before?
Tom: In Tokyo... and this dream will come true shortly, because in December we will fly to Tokyo.
Bill: And we would love to be the first band, to play on a different planet... somewhere. We really want to travel into the univers and play somewhere on a different planet.

This is not your first time in Latin America, you have already been in Mexico, but what are you thinking when you hear the word "Mexico"?
Tom: I remember of course awesome signing sessions, a lot of energy and we have only good expierences so far. Until now, we have been only in Mexico-City. We had great performances and we have of course very energetic fans... super.

Tell me which part do you enjoy the most during the performance at a concert?
Bill: The best moment is, when you go on stage, see for the first time the audience, how many people are there, and have the first contact to the audience. That's the moment I am looking forward in the evening. And of course it's wonderful, if all the people... you know that all the people are singing along. That are the most beautiful moments. But if you go on stage and have the first view, that's most special.

Finally, I would like to ask you... many European bands have the dream to conquer America. Is it also your dream? Is it important for you to conquer America?
Bill: It's very difficult, especially as a German band it is unbelievable difficult to establish yourself in America... yes, to start in someway. But we had already some great concerts overthere, we have been on tour two times... but it is of course the biggest challenge for a German band to get famous in America.

So, to finish the interview... What can we expect in Monterrey on November 30th, when the lights turn off and the music of Tokio Hotel starts?

Bill: Of course we bring our show with us, that means... we are still on tour with "Welcome To Humanoid City". That's the focus. We pack a bit of our production, costumes and for sure the same setlist as it was for the European tour and we are really looking forward... I believe, it's going to be an energetic show.
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